Pioneers day parade 2015

The pioneers day parade was a blast! Although after doing the first couple of sets we had held up the parade a little bit... oops... So we did have to alter our plans and speed things up a bit so for those who didn't get a good view of our show, we apologize. The committee asked us to do 2 things, 1: to turn our music down, and 2: to speed up our show. So we happily complied... We hope you were able to see something you liked from us during that parade. But never the less, we hoped you enjoyed the show! I know the Black Sheep Team had an absolute blast and we hope you did too. 

July 27th 2015

Update - July 31st 2015
Hey check it out we made it into the White Mountain Independent newspaper!


4th of july problems

Missed us on 4th of July?
We were very sorry to not have made it through the entirety of the Show Low parade. Even after our practice run and safety checks, we encountered a technical error after the first performance set and had to make a very sad and hard decision to not finish out the parade.
We apologize  for not being able to make it through the full parade. Seriously... THIS WAS DEVASTATING FOR US!! We really, really, really wanted to do this show!!!!

If you missed out on the 4th, come see us at Pioneer Days in Taylor on July 25th!

 July 6th 2015

Jake being told to speed things up by officials.

We happily complied with their request.