What is Black sheep skid?

Simply put Black Sheep is a skid steer stunt show. Black Sheep Skid is a one man show entertainment company from the White Mountains of Arizona. Jake risks life and limb to show the audience a great time! He puts on shows, take video and photography of those shows, and post it on social media. So not only does he get the social media and Youtube coverage, the venue he plays at does as well. With an ever growing fan base, this promises to be a long, crazy, and fun ride. Jake performs at parades, demolition derbies, races, rodeos, state and county fairs, monster truck rallies, and any other event you may have in mind. If you would like to book him for an event you have planned, check out his booking page.





I'm not sure if Jake Hatch has ever really been told what a skid steer was originally designed for. I think this is what led to his belief that you could stunt one. In my opinion this guy is a madman. He can stunt his skid steer with razor edge precision and accuracy. He is also the skid steer operator and entertainer who holds the current world record for "longest wheelie in a skid loader". 

(The longest wheelie by a skid loader is 21.88 m (71.78 ft) and was achieved by Jake R. Hatch (USA) at Taylor Rodeo Grounds, Taylor, Arizona, USA, on 28 July 2012. Hatch used a Bobcat skid steer for his attempt.)

Check the record out here.

Or check out the news coverage for yourself.

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Or you could just watch him do it on our Media Page.